Poster with logo PROOF (2)GOT TALENT! – MAY 9, 2014

The following students and staff have been selected by the judging committee to participate in the show.  Congratulations!  Please check the packet delivered to your school on Monday, March 24 for details.

Gustauo Alers Fulton 5th Junkyard Drummers
Tammir Brice-Young Fulton 4th Junkyard Drummers
Caydence Carper Fulton 4th Junkyard Drummers
Alex Cruz Fulton 4th Junkyard Drummers
Michael Iguina Fulton 4th Junkyard Drummers
Jordan Lighty Fulton 4th Junkyard Drummers
Punam Moktan Fulton 5th Junkyard Drummers
Lorenzo Obranty Fulton 4th Junkyard Drummers
Michael Rodriguez Fulton 5th Junkyard Drummers
Rafael Tavarez Fulton 5th Junkyard Drummers
Rosemary Tararez Fulton 4th Junkyard Drummers
Nirajan Thapaliya Fulton 5th Junkyard Drummers
Rabina Uprety Fulton 5th Junkyard Drummers
Beth Hollenberg Martin Faculty “I Dreamed a Dream”
Juan Rivera JPM 11th “Relentless”
Tellin Cintron JPM 10th “Relentless”
Yuliet Alfonsoo Coto Burrowes 5th Yuliet Alfonsoo
Anisha Fulton Anisha
Daiana Ferreras Lafayette
Veda Tate Burrowes 2nd Veda Tate
Bella Kennel Wharton 4th “Let it Go!”
Isabelle Richard Wharton 3rd “Let it Go!”
Neo Verling Martin 6th Karate Kid
Nevaeh Brenson Price 5th “Janae”
Jahliah Weldan Price 5th “Janae”
Anthony Dastra JPM 12th “Alpha and Omega”
Gladys Molina-Hill JPM 12th “Alpha and Omega”
Sandra Molina-Hill JPM 9th “Alpha and Omega”
Mercedee Jarvis JPM 11th Hazard Blueprint
Madelyn Whitcraft Hamilton 4th Madelyn Whitcraft

How will Got Talent! work?

Got Talent! was designed by a group of local LEF volunteers and staff.  Schools can earn money through dollar voting tickets, which can be purchased on the night of the event, May 9.  Each act will perform and guests will vote with their voting tickets.  The act with the most votes wins (and so on).  All acts performing for the event went through the open audition process and were judged by a panel of community volunteer judges.  LEF is handling event management and marketing.

What are the expectations for participants and event process?

The event was announced in January 2014.  With the announcment came an invitation to all SDOL students and staff to audition in March.  The students anf staff who auditions were notified of their standing on March 24.

The event preparation meeting is being held on April 29 at JP McCaskey High School - Recital Hall at 6 pm – 7 pm.  You should bring your music selection and any information regarding your act to that meeting.  You will select your practice time slot at the meeting.  The event practice is being held May 8 at McCaskey East High School.

How much will my school earn?

  1.  1st Place Prize – $300 gift card for performer(s) + 100% income from voting on May 9 will go to the act’s school/campus
  2. 2nd Place Prize – $200 gift card for performer(s) + 75% income from voting on May 9 will go to the act’s school/campus
  3. 3rd Place Prize – $100 gift card for performer(s) + 50% income from voting on May 9 will go to the act’s school/campus
  4. All other performing acts will receive 25% of income from voting on May 9 for the act’s school/campus
  5. Votes will be tied to specific acts; Schools may have more than one act participate in the event May 9 (if chosen by open audition judges)

**Please note, the gift card awards to performers for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will be split among that group equally.  For example, if there are 3 members of the winning 1st place group, each group member would get a $100 gift card; if there is only one performer in that group, that performer would get the entire $300.

What is the judging process?

  1. Auditions included a panel of community judges with expertise in music, performing arts, singing and more.
  2. Performers were judged on presentation, originality and performance.
  3. Event winners will be chosen on May 9 by audience voting.  Votes will cost $1 each.  The act with the most amount of money will win and second and third places will be decided based on the next highest amount of votes.

Is there a charge to attend the event?

  1. Event tickets will cost $10 for adults, $7 for students and children 4 and under are free.  Each entry ticket will come with one voting ticket.
  2. Each performer will receive 1 ticket for a friend or family member to attend.  Free tickets will not be accompanied by a voting ticket.
  3. Performers will not be charged a fee to participate or enter the event.

What type of talent is acceptable?

Talent criteria includes:

  1. Talent is able to be performed and viewed on stage at McCaskey East HS.
  2. The performance fits within the SDOL school standards and is audience appropriate as deemed by LEF per the SDOL student conduct standards and policies.
  3. All performers are SDOL staff or students.
  4. All performers for all acts participate in and are chosen via the open audition process.
  5. All performers complete an audition registration form by March 5, 2014.
  6. For May 9, you must be invited,  chosen and approved by the audition judges and event committee to perform.  We will not be able to accommodate all auditioning acts for the event May 9.
  7. All acts and performers are responsible for your music and equipment required to perform your act.

What was LEF thinking when they planned this event?

  1. We want to create a platform for the community to experience excellence in SDOL.  We believe this event is one experience where community members can come together with SDOL staff, students and families.  Plus, it will be fun!
  2. Got Talent!  will be the only night SDOL talent from various schools will be together on one stage.
  3. We know how important it is to have funds available to meet your schools’ priorities.  By leveraging our community connections, we hope we can raise funds together.  We plan to leverage these dollars to attract even more resources to invest in teaching and learning.
  4. We will handle the event marketing, sponsorships, planning and coordinating.

Questions?  Please call 717-391-8660 and speak with Katie or Shanon.